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The best brunches in Brighton, Hove & beyond

Join us on our mission as we find the very best brunches across the UK – starting with Brighton & Hove.

Brunches of Brighton was born out of a love for the most non-committal meal of the day; a true mark of the weekend.

Is it breakfast? Is it lunch? We’re still not entirely sure – but we do know where you can find a good one.

The best of the best

You can trust us for brunch recommendations worth getting out of bed for.


Flavour bonanza: perfect balance and plenty for everyone.


Plates of heavenly eggy goodness, dreamt up by the gods themselves.

Brunches of Britain

We often find ourselves outside the city, and still craving our favourite meal of the day. Here you can find some of our top brunch spots outside of Brighton we think are worth travelling for.

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